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Strategic Line IV Projects
Strategic Line IV: Water, Soil, Climate
  Principal Investigator: Dr. Enrique Troyo Diéguez

Written by Dra. Alejandra Nieto Garibay   

Project: Domestication of desert plants
  Principal Investigator:Dr. Alejandra Nieto Garibay

We are doing research on some wild plants, in other words, those that grow on their own in the field and have an economical importance. An example is the study of the wild chile commonly called “Chiltepín” or “Chilpitin” that grows in places such as San Bartolo, San Antonio, San José, Miraflores, just to mention some, and is collected to sell it as preserves ...

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Written by Dr. Enrique Troyo Diéguez   

Project: Water, soil, and climate in dry land areas
  Principal Investigator:Dr. Enrique Troyo Diéguez
Dry land

Analiyze availability and quality of different water sources applied to conventional and organic agriculture in B.C.S...

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Written by Dr. Lebsky Konstantinovich Vladimir   

Project: Citology and electron microscopy
  Principal Investigator:Dr. Vladimir Lebsky Konstantinovich
Trichomas in foliar surface of papaya

To study the ultrastructure of foliar surface (trichomas, waxes and stomas) of plants in dry land areas adaptating to salinity, drought, and infections by phytoplasm ...

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Written by M.C. Fraga Palomino Héctor Cirilo   

Project: Phytotechnical parameterization and formulation of management measures of irrigated ecosystems
  Principal Investigator: MSc Héctor Cirilo Fraga Palomino

The mission of this project is to contribute to the welfare of society by performing scientific research, technological innovation, and development of human resources in diagnosis, planning, and sustainable management of water and soil resources, including their interrelations with climate and its variability ...

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