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Strategic Line V: Effects of human activities on natural resources: Ecological restoration and environmental impacts
Principal Researcher: Dr. Alfredo Ortega Rubio

Since 1986 CIBNOR has been working on activities to determine, assess, quantify, and minimize the effects that productive human activities generate on natural resources.

These activities have basically taken place as a logical consequence of environmental impact assessment projects, which have generated CIBNOR research projects, both supported exclusively by fiscal resources and by service contracts with supplementary or unique support.  

Thus, we have dealt with projects at the level of species, habitats, and ecosystems at scale level.

At the level of activities, we have dealt with the effects produced from aquaculture up to livestock, as well as from tourism and industrial activities;

At the level of ecosystems, from land up to reefs, both coastal and those that are purely marine reefs;

At the level of resources, from biological up to hydrological and soil resources;

At the level of effects, from social and economic up to those that are purely ecological effects.

The applicant entities have been PROFEPA [Federal Department for Environmental Protection], SEMARNAT [Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources], CONAPESCA [National Commission for Aquaculture and Fishing], INAPESCA [National Institute of Fishing], and State and Municipal Governments.


To determine with precision the effects that productive human activities will have on natural resources of Northwest Mexico, especially on those sensitive habitats, ecosystems, and relevant species, as well as to develop top level human resources in these research topics.


To make CIBNOR a required point of reference at national and international level that will generate the precise recommendations to prevent, mitigate, and in its case, to restore the effects that productive activities have on the natural resources of Northwest Mexico.

General Objective:

Combine all research efforts on the effects of productive activities on natural resources in one institutional strategic line, including all the different researchers in the Center who are interested and/or experienced in these research topics.

Written by Dr. Alfredo Ortega Rubio   
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